Sterilization and Disinfection


We follow all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control

Level I: Instruments are thoroughly cleaned manually using Spirit to free them of attached debris.

Level II: Instruments are then soaked in an Ultrasonic cleaner with ultrasonic disinfectant liquid. In this the instruments are subjected to (ultrasound from 150-400 kHz) ultrasonic waves in the fluid. This creates compression waves in the liquid of the tank which 'tear' the liquid apart, leaving behind many millions of microscopic 'voids' or 'partial vacuum bubbles'. These bubbles penetrate blind holes, cracks and thoroughly remove tightly adhering or embedded particles from solid surfaces.

Level III: These clean instruments are then immersed in 5% Korsolex sterilizing solution for One hour for standard disinfection.

Level IV: Dried instruments are then packed in sterilization pouches and sterilized using an Autoclave. This a high pressured steam chamber where instruments are placed at a specified temperature to kill all the micro organisms including their spores.

Level V: Sterile instruments are then kept in UV chambers till required by the staff.

Level VI: Certain instruments like burs are sterilized in Glass Bead sterilizer.